In store audio announcements are an innovative platform to inform your customers about your products and in store promotions.


Audio Announcements for In Store Promotion

Most retailers spend a fortune on point of sale material for in store promotion - usually in the form of posters, but what about appealing to the other senses? Media Group offers an innovative way to help promote your products and promotions to your customers in store with our in store music and messaging systems.

Media Group will not only help you set up a playlist of the latest top 40 music, but we will work with you to script, voice and produce high quality and captivating audio productions to play on your system throughout the day. Effectively educating your customers and staff members on new products and in store promotions.

Professional Audio Productions

Your audio advertisements will be produced and scheduled just like a radio commercial. We have professional copywriters who will work with you to help you write a compelling script, talented voice artists who will use their craft to capture your customers’ attention and then our very qualified and experienced audio engineers will use their magic to make your voice recording sound like a national radio commercial, by adding music and appropriate sound effects.

Benefits of In Store Audio Announcements

  • Audio advertisements scripted, voiced and recorded weekly (dependent on package)
  • Audio advertisements accumulate over time
  • Once audio approved by head office, they are updated automatically online throughout all stores
  • Strategically schedule your adverts for special times
  • Sell ‘Air Time’ to suppliers (recuperate costs)
  • Inexpensive in-store advertising

Try Before you Buy

Don’t just take our word for it, hear how amazing our in store music and messaging systems are with a free in store music trial. For 30-days you will experience the magic that is in store music and messaging, and you will see firsthand the results of this amazing and inexpensive form of audio marketing.

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