eLearning Audio

Train your staff and educate your customers with a professional audio production and voice over recording for your eLearning application.


What is eLearning?

eLearning is a fantastic new online avenue for businesses to train customers, staff and suppliers alike. By using electronic media, you can give your stakeholders the opportunity to learn about your business, through online applications, and they can do so in the comfort of their own home or office, and do so at their own leisure.

eLearning can be configured a number of ways, and you can see various eLearning applications set up as CD-Rom based systems, through the Internet and your company’s Intranet, just to name a few. eLearning is a great self-paced learning application that can be accessed by multiple users at any time, anywhere.

eLearning Applications Include:

  • Online training
  • Computer based learning
  • CD-Rom
  • Tablets
  • iPad apps
  • IPhone
  • Smart Phones
  • Virtual education
  • Televised learning

eLearning Audio Productions

Media Group will work with you to create a script to complement your visuals for your eLearning applications, or you can supply us the script, and then we will help you select a professional voice artist whose voice is most likely to engage your stakeholders.

A professional voiceover and audio production will:

  • Eliminate all background noise,
  • Incorporate royalty free music,
  • Add applicable sound effects, and
  • Use talented actors who will use narrative methods to produce a clear and concise voice recording that is both engaging and entertaining.

Research has shown that a professional audio production is more likely to keep your audience engaged, and pass on the right message to your students, than say an amateur audio production. Not to mention, your business will sound much more professional by implementing professionally produced audio marketing collateral.

Media Group and eLearning

We have worked with a number of Australian businesses and produced high quality voice over recordings and audio productions for various eLearning applications, corporate presentations, radio commercials and audio productions for television. In many cases, we can also help with synchronising the audio production with your visual presentation. For more information about our voice over recordings and audio productions for eLearning, please call us on 1800 086 183.

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