Messages On Hold

Telephone Messages On Hold is a cost effective marketing channel that is a must for all businesses.


What is Telephone Messages On Hold?

When a caller initially rings your company and is transferred to the reception or another extension, the caller is placed on hold, or the call is forwarded to another line. These tailored messages not only create a professional image but also re-enforce your brand, educate callers on products and services, up-sell and promote special offers and refer business to your website. The marketing possibilities go on and on.

Why Invest in On Hold Messages?

No caller anticipates being put on hold even though this should be a reasonable expectation if you are running a thriving business. The key to keeping them interested is to keep them engaged in such a way they feel you appreciate that their time is valuable.

This is why you should offer on hold messages that will answer their FAQs, provide directions to your physical location, and any other information that offers value to your customers’ experience. Modern-day professional voiceovers by Media Group make use of transfers, hold times, and call queues to engage callers in strategic marketing by announcing new services, products, or any upcoming special events and promotions. You may also want to appeal to callers on hold with a nice selection of waiting music of different genres; come to us so we can help you customise on hold music so your customers will feel appreciated.


Why Choose Media Group?

When it comes to telephone messages on hold, Media Group are one of the leading suppliers of quality audio productions for the specific use in telephone message on hold applications. We offer:

  • 6 State of the Art Recording Studios
  • In-house copywriters, voice artists and audio engineers
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Very competitive prices
  • Affordable outright and monthly on hold packages
  • The latest in digital telephone message on hold equipment
  • Exceptional customer service
    • Reminders to update your on hold messages
    • Assistance with your scripts and productions
    • A comprehensive voice artist library with talent from across the globe
    • Hundreds of Royalty Free music tracks
    • A large library of sound effects
    • Great audio productions that are clear, concise and effective

Professional Audio Production Service

For any successful businesses it is imperative to invest in customised on hold messages and voice over greetings so they can address the very specific needs of a caller as well as the processes of different groups or departments. In doing so you should be able to choose from a wide selection of background music tracks so your listeners will stay entertained and get the feeling that their call is important to you even as they navigate your system. We can provide a wide variety of female and male voices to choose from. There are also industry specific selections for different industries such as technology, real estate, commerce, accounting, legal, etc. Nothing makes a better first impression to a caller like clear, professional, helpful and compelling voiceover information while they are on hold.  

Free Message On Hold Sample

Get your free telephone on hold message sample, click here. One of our professional representatives will be in contact with you shortly with your very own custom scripted, voiced and produced telephone message on hold sample.

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