Radio Commercials

Media Group produce hundreds of radio commercials every week for mainstream media. We have a thorough understanding of the strict deadlines, standards and formats required for your audio advertisement to be streamed through commercial radio.


Creating the right audio for you radio campaign is vital in making it successful when broadcast to potentially millions of people. Media Group sources Australia's leading voice artists and employees talented audio engineers who ensure your Radio Commercial stands out and re-enforces your company brand.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is an extremely popular marketing and advertising channel in Australia. Not only does it help you to reinforce and build your brand, but a professionally scripted, voiced and produced radio commercial can also help generate business enquiry and help build your business and increase your bottom line.

Radio Offers a Larger Reach

Radio advertising plays an integral part in the Australian advertising industry, and many businesses see it as a justifiable way to reach their target audience. And with the ability to not only plug your business through AM and FM frequencies, there is also ample opportunity to get your message out through digital technology, podcasting through the internet and also other multi-media avenues – giving Australian businesses the chance to reach a much wider and more lucrative audience than ever before.

Professional Audio Productions and Voice Overs for Radio

When you are promoting your business, you want to ensure you have the best representation for your brand. Media Group is affiliated with hundreds of professional voice artists from all around the globe, and our team of audio production specialists have had many years experience in producing quality audio productions for radio. In fact, we even produce audio productions for radio stations. We understand what is required for a production to stand out and make an impression, and our team are sure to work with you to help you get the best voice artist and audio production created to represent your brand.

Meeting Radio Deadlines

Meeting stressful radio deadlines also comes with experience, and as we’ve mentioned above, our team of audio production specialists and voice over artists have worked in the radio industry for many years; we understand that productions need to be produced to meet strict deadlines, and we can certainly help you do that. With 6 acoustically designed recording studios, an in-house team of copywriters, voiceover artists and audio engineers, we offer very fast turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Make your Mark in Radio Today

See why so many businesses put their advertising dollars into the world of radio advertising, and contact the team at Media Group to get a professional voice over recording and audio production for your next radio commercial. Click here for a no obligation radio commercial quote.


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