Telephone Voice Artists

We have handed picked the best voice artists to professionally be available to record all telephone messages.



Selecting the right voice artist to become the image of your business is an important decision.
In addition to communicating information, the voice a caller first hears on your phone creates a lasting impression of your business. You need to sound professional and welcoming. You want every caller to feel confident that you are the right company to handle their business. It’s not a job for an amateur voice.
Media Group provide a variety of male and female voice artists. These are trained and experienced professionals well versed in the art of recording telephone messages. Their skills mean they can adapt their tone and performance to suit every sort of business.

ARRANGE A FREE DEMOFree On Hold Messages

Click under the phone button on the right of this page. We’ll write some sample telephone messages just for you. We’ll have them read by our professional voice artists, mix in some music at our Gold Coast Recording Studios and then email the finished sample messages. You’ll be able to hear the amazing difference a professional voice over artist can make to the image your business presents on the telephone.

After hearing the demo we hope you will have Media Group produce a full program of telephone messages.  Our writers will draft the messages according to your brief, you’ll get to choose the music from our Royalty Free Library and select your preferred male and/or female voice artists.

When everything has your “OK” we’ll record and produce your program of messages and send you the files to be used on your telephone system. If you need an external player to run telephone on hold messages, we can supply that as well. Don’t delay. Get a professional voice artist for your telephone recordings today. 

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