Phone Copywriting

Make a lasting impression with your telephone messages and get our team of copywriters to devise a script for you.



We like to think that we are an extremely creative bunch here at Media Group. We are all 100% passionate about what we do, and we have worked in the Australian Broadcast industry for many years. Our copywriters are exceptionally experienced in crafting scripts, specifically for audio, for both local and international clients.

Writing an effective script for telephone messages comes under the “harder than it sounds” category. It’s very much like poetry as it combines the economy of words and the precise selection of key emotive words and phrases. While we don’t claim to have a Wordsworth, a Banjo Patterson, or a Dorothea Mackellar on staff, we do boast considerable talent in our pool of writers.


Telephone messages have to be informative, but they must also play a role in entertaining. After all, the caller rang with the anticipation of being immediately connected to the department or person with whom they need to speak. The telephone message has to, first of all, overcome the negativity produced by the disappointment of being connected to a machine!

At Media Group our telephone message writers know their first task is to minimise the number of callers who feel tempted to hang up. From there the writer must take on the Time Lord properties of Dr Who. In close association with the recording studio Producer their responsibility is to make the passage of time become irrelevant. Using a seamless blend of music and words punctuated only by an occasional sound effect their aim is to keep the listener enthralled until such time as the caller’s original destination is free to answer the telephone.

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