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Voices, Voices, Voices.

Prior to hunting high and low to unearth that special voice. The one voice that research says you need for your new TV and radio campaign. Before you go bananas searching, remember for the best choice in voices, Voice Overs Perth is the right place to begin.

When you need a professional voice for broadcast or backing a training film we have the best choice. If you are doing a corporate video or recording the company Telephone On Hold and After Hours messages talk to us about the voice

Under the umbrella of Media Group, the business audio experts we have available a pool of voices that includes all styles and all types, both male and female from seniors to kids.

What voice are you looking for? We have it. Hard sell to soft sell and everything in between.

The ears say “aye”

Go online to listen to samples of our extensive choice of voice artists.

You will hear samples that cover different styles of delivery. This will assist your evaluation of the suitability of a voice for the role you require.

Please keep in mind these professional actors can readily adapt to perform any role indicated in the script or as directed by you.

To hear samples of the talent from Voice Overs Perth

A Free Quote will help you decide

Even after you have listened to the sample recordings over and over, you might still be trying to decide on the voice. Time to go ahead and ask for a FREE QUOTE.

In addition to making sure your choice matches your budget, we will also confirm the availability of the talent to meet your deadline.

Ask for your free quote to be sent online click here. 

Rid all doubt with a free demo

OK. Let’s say you listened to the samples, organised a free quote and you think you have selected the best voice for the job. If you have any doubt, it’s time to request a FREE DEMO from Voice Overs Perth.

If you ask for a FREE DEMO we only make one provision.  Your script or number of scripts you intend to record will need to exceed 60 seconds in length.

Begin by sending us a copy of your script. We will arrange for your chosen voice talent to record an extract from the script. Then we will send a link for you to go online and replay the demo recording.

Listen to the FREE DEMO. Play it over. Share it with colleagues and be sure you have chosen the best voice before proceeding to your final recording.  

To find out more about our free demo offer, click here. 

Quick off the mark

Our online systems are in place to quickly answer all your voice talent needs. We start with the widest choice of online voice samples. We respond instantly with free quotes. Upon request, we can arrange a customised FREE DEMO. When you are sure you have chosen the right voice we’ll confirm talent availability and schedule recording to meet your deadlines.

Voice Overs Perth, with you all the way. 

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