Menu Prompts

Menu Prompts or IVR Prompts are stages through the telephone system that can guide your callers through informative announcements prior to answering.


Introducing MENU Prompts

Menu prompts, otherwise known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts are quite popular among Australian businesses, so chances are you have dealt with them on a day-to-day basis. A Menu Prompt is basically a professionally scripted, voiced, and produced audio production that helps direct your callers to the right departments by asking a few simple questions in which the caller will respond by answering the phone or selecting a number from the keypad. It's audio advertising and professional phone messages at their optimum.

How are IVRs / MENU Prompts Beneficial?

There is an abundance of benefits for implementing Interactive Voice Response / Menu Prompts, such as:

  • Reducing caller wait times
  • Providing clear and accurate information (updated and modified when needed)
  • Providing callers with information 24/7
  • Helping direct your callers to the right department
  • Sounding professional
  • Acting as a Customer Service Representative

Think of your Menu Prompts as a customer service representative for your business. This little piece of audio advertising can work for you 24/7 significantly reducing the time your staff needs to spend on the telephone and cutting your callers wait time. Similar to an auto-attendant, your Menu Prompts are designed to take the call when your staff need not. This effectively means there is no waiting should staff be busy with other duties.

If you have clear and concise messages asking the right questions callers should be directed to the right department. Alternatively, you can use your Menu Prompts as a source of information. Rather than needing to pass your callers on to a staff member, you can have an option that callers can select to simply give them the information they are looking for in a pre-recorded production. You can set this up, so callers can access this information 24/7, even after your offices have closed.

The ideal phone message solution!

Could a Menu Prompt be the answer to your inbound call dilemmas? Then make sure you contact the team here at Media Group! We only supply our customers with professionally scripted, recorded, and produced audio productions that will be a great reflection on your brand. You can select from our vast array of very talented voice artists to speak to your callers. Our scriptwriters will work with you to create a clear and concise script to help direct your callers to the information/person they need to speak to.

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