Corporate Video

Make a lasting impression with your corporate presentation or corporate video and invest in quality audio productions from Media Group.


Corporate Audio

Corporate audio covers various corporate projects, from corporate videos, presentations right through to audio productions produced specifically to go hand-in-hand with training visuals to educate customers, staff and suppliers. Media Group is focussed on helping businesses get the most out of these corporate projects by producing impressive voiceover recordings and audio productions to help your corporate project make an impact.

Scriptwriting, Voiceovers and Editing

Our team of copywriters can assist with the scriptwriting. You can then select your own voice artist by listening to our demos by visiting our voice artist library; alternatively, you can ask our audio engineers to help you find the best voice artist to suit your script and corporate project.

Why Invest in Professional Voice Overs?

It may be tempting to opt for the cheaper option of just voicing your script your self, or even getting one of your staff members to do so, but are they trained in narrative? Do they know how to engage your listeners throughout the entire presentation?

The majority of our voice artists have acting or journalism backgrounds where they have been trained to properly articulate a message in a way that is engaging, entertaining and easy for your customers to understand. A professional voice recording will also sound much more specialised and will make a lasting impression for your brand.

Media Group Corporate Service includes:

  • Creative copywriting
  • Professional voice-overs by talented voice artists
  • Production by industry qualified audio engineers
    • Synchronising audio with presentation
    • Adding royalty free music
    • Adding appropriate sound effects

Get the Right Voice Artist

Find the right voice artist to represent your business, and visit our voiceover library and listen to the mass of talent we have on our books. Once you have found the voice talent right for your business, click on the request a quote, and we will get back to you shortly.

Can’t make up your mind?

If you like a number of our voice artists, then we make the decision a little easier and get each of the artists to do up a small demo so that you can pick the voice that best suits your company culture. Alternatively, you can let our very experienced audio engineers select a voice artist for your corporate audio production.

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