In most Advertising campaigns the Jingle does much of the heavy lifting to establish a brand as well as maintaining awareness over long periods.


A Jingle plays an integral part in forming the mental picture people associate with any brand or company.

Beyond TV, Radio and Cinema, today on any device media provides more opportunities to exploit a jingle’s brand building power!

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Not all jingle writers are going to win creative awards for every ditty they whip-up. But that doesn’t mean the jingle isn’t going to get noticed and even be a smash-hit with the target audience.

With any jingle, getting a creative product that works requires a few essential ingredients. Sitting around waiting for inspiration is not on the list. Hard work, discipline and experience are needed, along with a little luck. Find out how great jingles happen.


Media Group has teamed up with Australia’s hottest jingle composers to help give your business an edge.

Don’t worry about “the how”. Leave that up to Media Group. A concise brief is all it takes for you to get your jingle under way. Too easy.

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The first radio commercial jingle was written for “Wheaties” and first aired in the USA on Christmas Eve 1926.

Advertising has come a long way since then. Media Group, the business audio specialists understand the role of the jingle in brand development.

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