Queue Messages

Similar to On Hold Messages, Queue Messages are unique to certain transfer groups or lines. If a caller is transferred to say the accounts team, specific queue messages can play that relate to accounts matters.


Queue Messages: The Strategic Phone Message

We have all held on the phone waiting for a customer service representative at some point and understand it can be a frustrating experience. Not all busy businesses can provide instant access to customer service; the good news is that it can be made more acceptable by way of professional telephone queue messages.

Queue Messages

For instance, if your caller selects to go to your Sales Department when using the Menu Prompts, then while they are being transferred, they will hear messages specifically related to that department. Likewise if they chose to be put through to your Accounts Department, they would then be greeted with information about accounts, billing and invoicing. This helps to:

  • Potentially answer your callers questions
  • Let your callers know about changes to your system
  • Inform your callers about new and improved products
  • Direct your callers on action needed

And all this can be done before your staff even have a chance to pick up the phone. Not to mention, it will distract your callers from the very fact that they are waiting on hold.

Perhaps you have called a company and thought the internally recorded voiceover or music on hold you are greeted with doesn’t represent the image of the company very well or the recorded voice giving the customer service prompts just sounds robotic. Professionally recorded messages on hold and greetings will add substance, sophistication and a truly impressive dynamic to all the content on your business system menu, directories and voicemail greetings. Media Group offers well-spoken messages which are delivered by a group of professionals so that even your company’s simplest directions will sound experienced and impressive.   

Difference between On Hold Messages and Queue Messages

A Telephone On Hold Message program is generally designed to incorporate professionally scripted, voiced and produced messages that relate to the company overall, whereas Queue Messages are a strategic form of audio advertising, and can be programmed to only play audio advertisements that are relevant to what the caller is essentially calling for.

Media Group Queue Message Packages

We have a range of packages to suit businesses of all needs and sizes. It is recommended that you contact one of our friendly audio production specialists to discuss the specific needs of your business, and then we can introduce you to the professional phone message package that is most likely to suit you.

Media Group offers the complete service, and we have a very competent and savvy team of in-house copywriters, voiceover artists and audio engineers who will work with you to create a compelling and captivating Queue Messages program.

Continue Customer Service

We will even contact you on a regular basis (depending on the package you choose) to remind you to update your Phone Message system. Plus, we will ensure your Queue Messages are in-line with your other telephone audio advertisements, such as your Telephone Messages On Hold Program, Welcome Messages, After Hour Messages and Menu Prompts.

Get an Online Quote for Strategic Queue Messages

Take advantage of this innovative and strategic way of audio advertising to your core customers, and get a quote from Media Group today. Simply click here, fill out the form and one of our experienced audio production professionals will be in contact shortly to discuss your Queue Message Requirements.


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