Got a script and need it translated into another language? We have a multilingual team of voice artists and copywriters who provide a first class translation service.


Multilingual Copywriters and Voice Artists

We are a diverse bunch here at Media Group, and as such, we have the resources to offer a translation service to those businesses that need their audio production in another language. We have both copywriters and voice over artists who are capable of translating your script and delivering it in the language of your choice.

Voice Artists from around the Globe

Media Group has aligned with many voiceover artists from around the globe; from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, New Zealand and Europe, we have a voice artist capable of delivering a professional production in a language required by you. If we don’t have a talent on our books that can speak the language you require, then we will be happy to source one for you.

Translation Services for Audio

Our multilingual team of audio production professionals allow Media Group to provide a specialised service to our customers throughout Australia and the rest of the world. It gives Australian businesses targeting an international market the means to have accurate marketing collateral that speaks in the tongue of the customers you are trying to reach. Our translation service ensures you are speaking proficiently to your core customers, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

For more information about our translation service, please call one of our friendly representatives directly on 1800 086 183.

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