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More voices mean more choices

If you are unsure about which voice to choose for that TV spot or Radio campaign then you have arrived at the best place to solve your dilemma.

Voice Overs Gold Coast is the best place to search for a voice.

Even if you need a professional voice for a training film, a new web video or your telephone On Hold and After Hours messages, we have the best choice invoices.

As an integral part of Media Group, the business audio experts, our diverse range of voice over talent covers all styles and types. All age groups, males, and females from seniors to kids.

Our talented and experienced voice talent are able to play a vast number of different roles. They can be serious, light-hearted or totally comical. Whatever voice your script requires, we have it. Hard sell to soft sell and everything in between.

Click on the samples

We have streamlined the whole voice selection process. We started by putting hundreds of samples online. Then we categorised those samples to make searching as simple as. Now all you have to do, without spilling the Latte, is go online and audition the samples to find the voice you seek.

While you listen to the voice samples always remember these are professional actors who can readily adapt to perform any role indicated in the script or as directed by you.

To hear samples from Voice Overs Gold Coast

Every voice has a price

When you have identified a voice you would like to use, you need to establish availability and fees. Go ahead and ask for a FREE QUOTE. We will supply an online quote based on the talent, the media and the length of the recording.  We’ll also advise you on the availability of the talent to meet your deadline.

To arrange for your free quote to be sent online. 

A Free Demo can be helpful

When you have decided on a particular voice or voices, you might still have a few doubts. If you are in this position Voice Overs Gold Coast will go an extra step with a FREE DEMO.

There’s only one condition: your script or scripts must exceed 60 seconds. If this is the case then you can request a FREE DEMO.

Email your script and we will arrange your chosen voice talent to record an extract from the script. Then we’ll send you a link to go online and replay the free demo.

Play it a few times. Share it with colleagues. Be sure you have chosen the best voice before proceeding to the final recording session.  

To find out more about our free demo offer. 

The systems are in place

We have the online systems in place to quickly answer all your voice talent needs.  It all starts with the online selection of our huge catalog of sample recordings. After you identify a voice or voices, you can arrange an online quote. Finally, you can also request a Free Demo and receive that online as well.

Voice Overs Gold Coast, with you all the way. 

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