In Store Music Hardware

Media Group is at the forefront when it comes to In Store Music Equipment. Our SC2000 Music Player is easy to use and has so many benefits, so much potential! You’ll be questioning why you didn’t install our In Store Music systems sooner.


SC2000 Instore Music Player

Media Group proudly supplies our in store music customers with the SC2000, an advanced in-store audio player that is easily connected to PA systems and plays broadcast quality music and audio advertisements in the background.

The SC2000 features an inbuilt Ethernet Port, allowing us to schedule your music playlists and audio announcements remotely from our studios using a broadband internet connection. The Content Management software with this hardware enables us to fully control your in-store music and messaging material.

In-Store Music Player Features

FTP Connection

With an inbuilt Ethernet Connection and Internet connection, this system allows us to easily update your In-store music and messaging content.

Auto start after power loss

If your business loses power, then your system will automatically start up and play your in store music content as scheduled without any human intervention.

Plug-in and go

As soon as your system arrives, all you need to do is plug it in, the music and audio advertisements will already be scheduled and ready to play to your customers in store.

Easy installation

Our system easily connects to most overhead PA systems or amplifiers that drive your in store music. Simply connect the Ethernet cable to your Internet FTP and your music and messages will start playing automatically.

Innovative Technology

Media Group’s innovative In-Store Music technology means you can have your very own in store “radio station” playing to your customers as they shop, and all you have to do is approve the content; the rest is scheduled to play throughout the day. Don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a Free In Store Music Trial today.


SC2000 Instore System

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