Television Audio

Vision captures the sense of sight but what's more important is the sense of hearing. Sound projects all around us and so it makes more sense to have only the highest quality audio recorded and mixed to complement your Television commercial.


Voiceovers for Television

Media Group has a large library of talented voice over artists who are experienced voice actors for television. Our voice over talent offer a range of different genres, accents and tones and are sure to help you get your message across to your audience.

Audio Productions for Television

Media Group have produced thousands of audio productions for a wide range of audio projects designed specifically for broadcast on the television. Simply supply us the specifications for your television audio project, and we will supply you with a recording suitable for this channel.

Media Group produces audio for television in the following capacities:

  • Audio productions for television commercials
  • Audio for television shows
  • Audio for animated television shows
  • Voice over work for narrative for television
  • Voiceovers for infomercials

Basically, if you need an audio production for any of your television broadcasts, then the team at Media Group can certainly supply it.

Why Invest in Audio from Media Group?

Most television networks will have their own voice artists on hand, but if you are looking for a unique style with a unique voice recording for your television audio, then you’ll be sure to find it in our voice artist library. Also our copywriters and audio engineers will provide a unique and different style to your audio production, giving your television audio more of a chance of standing out.

Audio Provided in Correct Formats

Media Group can supply your audio productions in almost all formats, and we can even render your television audio to op59 standards – which is the standard required for Australia television.

Audio for Television

Media Group has a very competent and experienced team of audio production professionals who are well versed in writing, voicing and producing quality audio productions specifically for streaming on Australian television. We offer fast turnaround times, a quality product and competitive prices.

Get a quote today, click here for a quote for voiceovers or an audio production for your next television project, alternatively, you can call us on 1300 736 465.

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