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You could drive yourself around in circles in search of the perfect voice for your new TV or radio campaign. But there is a better alternative. Voice Talent Sydney is the best place to begin.

Being an integral part of Media Group, the business audio experts, we have the most diverse range of voices on our books.  We cover all styles and types. All age groups, males, and females from seniors to kids.

Maybe you don’t need a voice for broadcast but you want a professional voice for your in-house training video or web video. Perhaps you want to impress clients with your Telephone On Hold Messages.

We have what you are looking for in a professional voice. Our actors portray classic roles and comic characters. From straight-laced corporate narrators to whacky-weirdo types.  Whatever voice your script requires, we have it.

Online samples show the way

Finding voices is no longer a task. In fact, you can start searching for that special voice with the click of a mouse or tap on a screen. However, deciding on one voice may still prove difficult. That’s why we have gone the sample route.

We have uploaded various sample recordings featuring our voice talent. Our aim is for you to listen and judge the voice. The samples cover different styles of delivery so you can evaluate the voice in regard to the role you require.

If you like the quality of the voice, remember these are professional actors who can readily adapt to perform any role.  

To hear samples of the talent from Voice Talent Sydney

Get a Free Quote online

When you have listened to the samples online and you have made a decision on using a particular voice, now is the time to get a FREE QUOTE.

In addition to making sure your choice matches your budget, we will also confirm the availability of the talent to meet your deadline.

To arrange for your free quote to be sent online click here.

We can supply a FREE DEMO

You might like the voice you’ve chosen however you might still be a little unsure about your choice. If you are in this position Voice Talent Sydney will go an extra step. Provided your script or number of scripts will exceed 60 seconds you can request a FREE DEMO.

Everything will be done online. Fast and smooth. All you have to do is email your script and we will do the rest. We will have your chosen voice talent record an extract from your script. We will then send a link so you can go online and replay the demo.

You can listen to the FREE DEMO, discuss it with colleagues and be sure you have chosen the best voice before proceeding to the final recording session.  

Fast and fail-safe

You can get the ball rolling now. We have the online systems in place to quickly answer all your voice talent needs. You’ll make your selection from the widest choice of voice samples online. We’ll respond quickly to your request for a Free Quote, arranging custom demos and confirming talent availability. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly and schedule recordings to meet your deadlines.

Voice Talent Sydney, “thank ya vury much…”.

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