Royalty Free Music

Media Group has access to the largest library of Royalty Free Music – Free from APRA and PPCA fees!


What is Royalty FREE Music?

Royalty Free Music is sound tracks that can be used without having to pay license fees or royalties to APRA and PPCA for the commercial use of those tracks in Australia. Royalty free music includes:

  • In Store music (vocal)
  • Jingles
  • Production Music
  • Sound FX

In Store Music

Media Group sources the latest artists to compose music tracks that can be used on your in store music system. The use of our royalty free music combined with a professional voice recording, means that you wont have to pay APRA or PPCA fees for the use of those music tracks in your commercial premises. 10 - 20 new music tracks are added each month to keep content fresh and up to date.


Media Group has a large library of royalty free production music that can complete any production and help capture the attention of your audience. We have a number of different genres and styles for you to select from; we’ll definitely have a sound track that will appeal to your customers.

APRA and PPCA Fees

Any business that plays commercial music to their customers whether it be on the radio, television, in store or even over the phone, are expected to pay for the privilege to do so; and depending on your business size, this could be thousands upon thousands of dollars each year. View more details on licencing at APRA / AMCOS and PPCA

Music Library

Want to listen to some of our royalty free music tracks? Then feel free to visit our online music library and listen to the vast array of In Store and Production Music we can use in your business without the heavy on-going fees.

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