Tailored Playlists

The music you play In Store is a representation of what your brand is all about. Media Group will help you select the most appropriate music for you to play in store. We look at your targeted demographic and will create a playlist that is most likely to appeal to their senses.


The Psychology of Music

When customers and potential customers walk past your store they will use all of their senses to decide whether or not to enter. One of those senses is of course what they hear coming from your store. Playing the right music is essential for enticing the right customers into your store.

Our very experienced team at Media Group will work with you, and look at your customers’ demographic to create a tailored playlist for your store. We will take the time to research your company in order to better understand your customer base, and then use our expertise to ensure your in-store system plays the right music to appeal to your customers. There are also certain types of music and beats that are more desirable at different times of the day, and we will do our best to ensure those tracks are played at the right times.

Music Genres

We can set up tailored playlists made up of various genres, depending on who your customers are, and what they are likely to listen to. From chilled out tracks through to funky and upbeat, we can certainly ensure your In Store Music is suitably representative of your brand.

Music Updated Frequently

Depending on the In Store Music and Messaging package you select, your playlists will be updated on a regular basis to ensure your content is fresh and not too repetitive (for both staff and customers alike).

In Store Music – Part of your Brand

Media Group understands that your In Store Music will be a direct reflection on your brand. That’s why our team will work with you to ensure your playlist is tailored specifically to your target market and help you get the best return on your investment.

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