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Looking for that special voice for your new audio project? You will probably know it when you hear it! But where do you begin listening? That’s where we come in. We make the audition process fast and simple Voice Artists Sydney the place to begin.

You could be casting a professional voice for radio, Television or a training film. Or you might need a new voice for your telephone On Hold and After Hours messages. You can be sure we will have the voice you seek.

We are a part of Media Group, the business audio experts. So we have a lot of voices in our books. Our range of voice talent covers all styles and types. All age groups, males, and females from seniors to kids.

Whether you need a classic announcer style delivery or something a bit funky and out of “left field” we have it. Our professional voice actors are capable of portraying any character as directed by you or indicated in the script. Whether you want hard sell or soft sell or somewhere in the middle, you can be sure we have the right voice.

Listen Online to voice samples

Auditioning voice over talent has never been more convenient. Our website gives you access to hundreds of voice over samples. All you do is click and listen

The samples cover different styles of delivery to help you judge if the voice is the right one for you. However, keep in mind these professional voice actors are like putty in your hands and can easily adapt to suit your script.

To hear samples of the talent from Voice Artists Sydney

Know the cost and check timing

When you have selected the voice or voices you think will be right for your audio job, it’s time to get a quote. A FREE QUOTE

As well as advising you of the costs involved we will also make sure the voice talent you have selected will be available to record your audio.

To arrange for your free quote to be sent online.

Ask for a Free Demo

Even after you have chosen a voice you may still wonder have you made the right choice. If you are in this position we suggest you request a free demo recording. The only restriction is that you must be planning to record scripts that will run a minimum 60 seconds in length. 

After listening to the online samples you might still be unsure about your choice of voice. If you are in this position Voice Artists Sydney will go an extra step. Provided your script or number of scripts will exceed 60 seconds you can request we record a FREE DEMO.

Email your script or scripts and we will arrange your chosen voice talent to record an extract from the script. After you will be sent a link to go online to review the demo recording.

Replay the demo as often as you need. Discuss it with colleagues and be sure you have decided on the best voice before doing the final recording.
To find out more about our free demo offer.

All systems go

We have the online systems in place to quickly answer all your voice talent needs. We will supply you with the widest choice of voice samples. We’ll supply free quotes for the cost of recording. Plus we will go the extra yard in arranging custom demo recordings and confirming talent availability to meet your deadlines.

Voice Artists Sydney, always ready to roll.

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