On Hold Voice Recording

On Hold Voice Recording

Keeping a grip on your on hold

If recently you’ve felt deserted while dangling at the end of a telephone, you may be the victim of “on hold revenge”.

This newly identified phenomenon is a nasty scourge that threatens to engulf the business world. It has reached crisis level because so many companies continue to ignore the damage being done by boring, out-of-date on hold programmes.

Reports indicate the problem has arisen due to inferior on hold voice recording. It appears those callers who were subject to poorly worded, badly spoken and inferior quality on hold programmes are retaliating. They are seeking revenge by putting callers on hold for an interminable amount of time.

Unsuspecting callers are being placed on call for times even well beyond the usual Government Department durations. Although they are spared the two-hour torture of endless repetitions of J S Bach’s Prelude and Fugue No 21 in B flat major   

However, it’s not all bad news as there is a relatively simple remedy available online from Media Group, the business audio specialist.


A Media Group on hold programme is music to the ears

Media Group creates on hold programmes that are appealing and informative to help companies reduce the number of caller hang-ups when all lines are busy.

These programmes offer superior quality on hold voice recording interlaced with short intervals of entertaining music.

The formula is simple, effective and can be readily updated by revising or replacing individual messages as and when required.

Companies are able to choose from a range of professional male and female voice over artists and can elect to have a programme that features more than one voice.

All music used in Media Group on hold programmes comes from their Royalty Free Music Library so clients are not liable to pay annual music licence fees to collection agencies such as APRA.


Enjoy a free On Hold Demo

To show you how good your company can sound with a well written, professionally voiced and recorded on hold program Media Group will create a short demonstration recording just for you. No gimmicks. No off the shelf re-work. A real original demo.

Hop online and go to www.mediagroup.com.au

On the home page click on the button that says “Free On Hold Demo” and then follow the prompts. Become part of the cure to the dreaded on hold revenge!

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