Ad On Hold

Ad On Hold

Bloody Covid!

It took a pandemic to ruin the average working day. Stuck at home trying to do the job you’ve had forever. Now? Well, there are no traffic snarls to complain about and the hours are perfect. But look at what’s missing.

All the important things that make office life so engrossing. No gossip sessions cluttered around the water cooler. No slandering the idiot from Accounts. You know, the one who keeps pilfering your salad from the fridge.

No more suffering the stench of stale tobacco from those die-hard smokers. They did say they were quitting but still keep ducking out for a toke on the deadly weed.

Plus where is the office VOIP telephone system with all the bells and whistles? That’s really something to whinge about not having. Sure the mobile is your best friend, but what about when it comes to keeping callers waiting in the line.

Where’s the well-crafted series of informative messages backed with music and the occasional Ad On Hold? The sort of On Hold Program callers expects these days.

People don’t like hanging about. So when you’re flat-out busy where does the next call end up? I can almost hear the deafening click as the caller hangs up.

You might get lucky. They might leave a voicemail. More than likely you’ll get zip. Worse! They won’t hear the latest information about your products and services from the Ad On Hold.


Sanity returns

Getting back to the old office routine will reduce stress and give you an appreciation of the value in having a quality program of On Hold Messages and Music.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, will prepare an On Hold program that will minimise callers hanging up and then taking their business elsewhere.

You’ll end up with a bespoke program that is totally unique. To begin, Media Group will write and record a free sample message for you.

With your free sample, sent to you online, you’ll get to experience the superior sound and image-building quality of the On Hold productions from Media Group.

Don’t be a clot! Get a positive business result out of the pandemic right here.

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