Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music

Both kinds of music

The heading is not an attempt to pay homage to the “Blues Brothers”. It is not a reference to the “Country and Western” music played at Bob’s Country Bunker. Both kinds of music in this instance refers to those tunes where royalties are paid per performance and Royalty Free Music.

It is the responsibility of all businesses where music is played or performed to have a current license as issued by APRA and PPCM.


As you play so must you pay

The authors, recording artists, musicians, and publishers all have a vested interest in their published music being performed or played anywhere business is conducted.

Even the little jeans shop down in the arcade is liable to be fined if they are using a radio, an iPod or CD to have music blaring out of loudspeakers on their premises.

APRA/AMCOS and PPCM are the official agencies assigned the duty of collecting and distributing the royalties due by those who play or perform published music at a place of business. Let’s face it. There would be total chaos if each copyright owner had to go round and individually collect royalties due.


Avoiding the impost of annual licence fees

Media Group, the business audio specialist, has an extensive library of the other kind of music - Royalty Free Music. This is recorded music that is exempt from any liability to pay annual fees. The library includes tracks from all genres including pop, rock, jazz, blues, country and more.

If you want to take advantage of the mood-altering power of music to improve the instore ambience and increase sales. Or if you want to stimulate and improve staff productivity levels you need to talk to the experts at Media Group.

Together you and the musicologists from Media Group will be able to create a series of playlists designed to appeal to your customer or staff profile.

The tracks selected will be drawn from the Media Group library so they will not attract the usual annual licence fees.


Add some marketing to your music

You can also have Media Group write and record promotional messages to be included as part of your instore music programs. These messages will be created by experienced copywriters and voiced by professional male and female voice over artists drawn from the Media Group talent line-up.

To find out more head to

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