Advertising in Today's World

Advertising in Today's World

Advertising platforms through the years.

Media Planners had it easy in days gone by. Today the traditional “number cruncher” is confronted by a myriad of media, a plethora of platforms and an ever-evolving cacophony of communication mediums.

In the latter half of last century as print made room for radio and TV, advertisers modified their media buying habits away from the “Fourth Estate”. 

Australia in the 1970’s bred the extreme view espoused in the Arthur D, Hankin media plan which simply stated “if you have any money to spend, spend it on TV and if you have any money left over spend it on TV”!  

Through the 70’s and 80’s John Singleton was a strong advocate of “Hank’s” media strategy. In fact the TEN network we know today may have simply perished without the concentrated support of clients from Singo’s Sydney ad agency, SPASM/DDB.

With the advent of FM radio, the fragmentation of that medium added further stress to the traditional advertisers’ budget breakdown. Little did the poor unsuspecting Media Planner know what the digital era and the internet would add to the dilemma.

We are not even two decades into this millennium and already we have experienced a Social Media communication revolution.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. We have more apps every hour…and what of tomorrow? What bright young entrepreneur is ready to emerge with yet another must have media platform?

However, it’s not all gloom for the poor Media Planner. The digital era has also brought a very bright ray of light. Now advertisers can illuminate consumer spending habits in greater detail than ever. It’s possible to target specific buyers with incredible accuracy. No longer are we restricted to talking to groups vaguely identified as women or men aged 18 to 39!

Lee Iacocca, developer of the Ford Mustang, once complained that “50% of my advertising budget is wasted, I just don’t know which 50%.”  Today such inaccuracy is akin to driving a Ford Model T.

Media Group records and produces voiceovers for every genre imaginable including radio, TV, Cinema, Video Presentations, eLearning and Internet use. In addition to our professional male and female voiceover talent here in Australia, we source international voice artists the world over.  

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