Music On Hold Samples

Music On Hold Samples

Playing on hold music without paying rock star prices

These days you need to pay a license fee to have recorded music playing at your place of business. It’s the law. Even playing music to people waiting on the telephone can be costly.

The only cheaper choices are to have ghastly computer chimes ding-donging people into hanging-up. Or you can subject callers to deadly silence while they wait for the phone to be answered. Of course, that’s a really good way to lose a customer.

There is a viable and affordable alternative. It's Royalty Free music from Media Group the business audio specialists. You may know it as library music, however, it has nothing to do with the local council’s book repository. This is a music catalog free of the encumbrance of on-going royalty fees because it has been created specifically for commercial use.

At the Media Group website, you are able to explore the various genres from the catalogue by listening to music on hold samples. These short snippets are edited from the actual music tracks.

This royalty free music is available, for use on your company’s phone system, as background music playing in your workplace or featured in your advertising.


Your music search starts online.

You probably don’t want to be adding to the millions of dollars Elton John’s music publishers are making every month. However, you want some quality tracks playing on your telephone and backing your advertising. To help you choose the type of tracks you prefer, listen to the music on hold samples on the Media Group website to help you draw up a short list.

To begin your selection go to and click on the heading labelled “Samples” then under “Music Library” browse through the Categories.

You’ll soon realise the music genres covered are wide and varied. Plus you’ll never be bored with the choice because the listings are a “living entity”. They are being constantly updated with new selections added throughout the year.


Obtain a free quote and let the music flow

After listening to some samples, you’ll need to explore costs. That’s as easy as clicking on the top of the page where it says “Free online quote”. Or you can phone the number and begin a conversation with a friendly Media Group team member.

You’ll get loads of help selecting the most appealing music for your customers whether they are on the phone or instore. You’ll get prices for on hold programmes to buy outright or purchase monthly including the cost of writing and recording any voice messages. All this and more online. Do it today.

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