Auto Attendant Script Examples

Auto Attendant Script Examples

All too often the orphaned children of a company’s on-hold program seem to be the After Hours Messages.

This should not be the case. The message callers hear when they contact you outside normal hours is mistakenly treated as an “afterthought”. Where in fact it should be treated as one of the most important items in any on-hold package.

Of course, there is one worse alternative than a poor-quality message and that is absolutely no message. We have all experienced the frustration of hearing the endless brrrr brrrr of a phone ringing out. This is no way for a business to treat an existing customer and the quickest way to lose a new business prospect.



The power of After Hours Messages cannot be understated. Aside from easing the frustration of the caller, they present an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest in the customer.

You can relay information about your normal hours of operation and suggest a suitable time to call again. Even better, modern telephone systems will allow you to prompt the caller to leave a short message with their name and contact details.

They will be super impressed with your offer to return their call. They will feel you are interested in them and in servicing their requests. Having left you a message they are unlikely to run off and call your competitor.



Along with demonstrating your interest in the caller, an out-of-hours message provides a platform for you to project the desired image of your company.

You want to be seen as an efficient, well organised, thoroughly professional operation. You are not going to succeed in projecting this image if the quality of the message is not up to scratch.



The solution is to get the complete on-hold program from Media Group, the business audio specialists.  The program will be expertly written, produced, and voiced by professional male or female voice talent.

You can order a custom package to suit your budget with a Welcome Message, On Hold music and messages, an Auto Attendant facility to direct calls, and messages to cover times when you are away from your desk as well as after hours.


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