Becoming a Voiceover Artist

Becoming a Voiceover Artist

Starting a career as a Voice Over artist?

How often has someone said to “you’ve got a voice for radio!”

But these days having a great “set of tubes” isn’t the only pre-requisite to breaking into the business of doing voices for radio, TV, cinema, the internet etc…

Getting started in the voice over business is just like anything. You have to jump in and do it. And then keep doing it.

Here’s some steps you should take to become a ‘Voice Over Artist’

1) ‘Keep practicing’. Try copying/parroting ads you hear. Try reading it over and over. Try different delivery styles. Read it with lots of enthusiasm. Read the same words in a soft an alluring style. Keep doing this every day. This is practice!

2)  ‘Record a demo’. A demo is short compilation of you reading five or six different sample scripts. You can pay to have your demo professionally recorded produced at a modern digital recording studio like Media Group. Have the studio add library music and sound effects so your demo sounds like it could have been broadcast. Who knows? They might like you and cast you for a job!

3) ‘Knock on doors’. Now you’ve got a demo it’s time to get out there and promote yourself. knock on doors, ring, email as many people you can at TV production studios, radio stations and agencies.

4) ‘Start from the bottom’. The best voice talent had to start somewhere, most of them started out volunteering their services at a community radio station. Community radio is a great place to start, you can meet contacts learn about the industry and best of all they don’t mind when you make mistakes.

5) ‘Do a course’. Sign up to do a fee-paid voiceover course. There are many companies in Australia and around the globe offering ‘voiceover courses’. These courses can run from short 2 day courses to 6 week courses and not only do they train you and give you a great insight into the industry, you usually end up with a fully produced high quality demo.


So what are you waiting for? Your new career could be just around the corner. Good luck and we look forward to hearing your voice on the airwaves!

Do you have a demo already and have a minimum 3 years experience recording professional voiceovers? Contact us today -

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