Best Female Voice Artists

Best Female Voice Artists

When the job demands a woman’s touch

Without appearing to be too sexist, it must be said that the male voice is not always the right choice for all voice overs.

Sometimes when producing a radio or TV commercial or making a corporate film, an internet video or even an eLearning program, you know instinctively the project will be most suited to be delivered in the more dulcet tone of a woman’s voice.

Fortunately, Media Group, the business audio specialists, are on hand to provide you with a selection of the best female voice artists. Whatever your project, whether it calls for a straight announcer style voice or something with humour or a particular characterisation you can be sure Media Group will have the female voice to suit.


Go online to choose the voice and get a quote

To begin the search for your preferred voice talent from the wide choice available go to the Media Group website. Head to

On the home page locate the heading “Samples”   and scroll down to “voice artists” and select “Female”.

Here you will find recordings of some of the best female voice artists. To make it even easier for you to find the right voice the sample recordings are classified by age, country and different styles or genres like radio/tv, corporate and telephone.

The voice over artists are each allocated an ID number and you can read a short description of the talent to assist your choice.

So start the audition process by clicking on the arrow in the panel of the female talent you wish to hear.  

When you have decided on the best voice or voices you will need to check cost and availability. Go to the button labelled “Free Online Quote” located on the top right-hand corner of the Media Group home page.  


Request a free demo by your preferred female voice artist.

If the quote meets your budget and you wish to be really sure you have selected the best female voice for the job, you can ask Media Group to arrange a free demo.

Simply email a copy of the proposed script and Media Group will have your chosen female voice talent read an extract from the script.

When the demo read is finished you will receive a link to go online and listen to it and be 100% sure you have chosen the female voice talent with the touch you require.

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