Business Welcome Message

Business Welcome Message

The how and what of all you say

With any business phone call, it’s not only what is said that counts, but also just how the words come out.

This is particularly applicable to your Business Welcome Message.

The human voice communicates on two levels. The first and most obvious is the language used. The vocabulary employed to communicate the desired message.

The second and often the less considered level is the subconscious. But remember this unspoken element can carry more influence than most would give it credit.

Callers hear the little nuances in a voice. If there is an element of hesitancy or lack of conviction it will impact immediately on the listener. Or during those extra busy periods, you’ll hear the stress or impatience in the voice.

These are just the sort of “first impressions” a business needs to avoid.

I am probably more aware of these distractions than most, but I am sure you have encountered the situation. The shaky hello, the quiver and croak of no confidence.

Or worse, a caller might think they’ve detected outright hostility in the tone. This may be un-intended however, sometimes late in the day, these subconscious messages are simply part of human nature.


How do you feel?

When it’s nearing time to go home or head off to the gym or rugby training it’s impossible to disguise the feelings.

It can be equally a bad first thing in the morning before the second coffee has kicked-in. Or when it’s nearly lunchtime and your tummy is telling you your throat has been severed!

These negativities do not belong in a Business Welcome Message.

So how to avoid these subconscious audio torpedoes? How to make sure all your callers are witness to the best first impression the business can project?

The answer is ridiculously simple. Utilise a well-crafted welcome greeting that presents your business as thoroughly professional and customer-oriented. The sort of message you’ll get from Media Group AU the business audio specialists.

You’ll get to choose the voice that best suits your company persona. A trained and experienced voice from a wide range of male and female voice artists.

It may not be rocket science, but the right choice or voice can be a vital key in launching your business to the next level.

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