Character Voices

Character Voices

When do character voices work in advertising?

We hear character voices all the time in radio and TV ads. These might be voices with a foreign accent, or actors playing the role of the farmer, the hospital nurse, an expert builder or resident “tough guy”.

On radio the “typical accent” can be a handy device. It can be used as a short-cut to establish credibility. For example, a Scottish voice can communicate thrift and value for money. A character introduced as “Professor” can be given a generic German accent to instil the character with  the wisdom of Einstein.

To help an ad “cut through the clutter “the voice might be delivered with a humorous touch; maybe a slight lisp or  a little nervous stammer. But always striving to avoid being a “me too”.

Of late, we hear too many voices delivered with the same  “end of the world” tone. Remember the aim, as with all advertising is first of all to get noticed. 

To help a product stand out from the crowd variety is key. So Media Group provides the very widest choice of male and female voices. As experienced voice actors these professionals provide the essential point of difference to ensure the character voices they portray really do the job.

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