Chinese Voice Over Artist

Chinese Voice Over Artist

Providing voice overs all the world over

In this age of global enterprise, it’s important for your product or service to exhibit local appeal.

People may want the prestige of buying imports, but they also want the assurance of the product they are buying has an affinity with their local customs and business practices.

Nowhere else is this localisation more important than China. For this reason, every company attempting to get a foothold in the China market should ensure they use a Chinese Voice Over Artist in their media advertising, corporate videos, website, and internet programs.

Media Group, the business audio specialists know and understand the language demands of doing business internationally. Their pool of professional male and female voice over artists include native speakers from a diverse range of nations.

When you visit the Media Group website you can preview samples of some of the company’s voice artists from China, as well as Germany, Spain, France, Japan, the Republic of Korea, along with English voice talent from Australia, New Zealand the United Kingdom and the USA. 


The Chinese language or Mandarin has regional differences

Just as we know there are literally hundreds of Chinese dialects spoken across the breadth of the nation, a Chinese Voice Over Artist needs to be aware of the variations in Mandarin spoken in different cities and parts of the vast nation.

For example, those familiar with Mandarin will instantly know if the person speaking is from Beijing or Shanghai

The written language does not suffer from the same problem. The Chinese character will appear the same even to speakers of a different dialect, however, the pronunciation will often sound vastly different. 

Even if you don’t understand the language when you hear a Hong Kong resident speaking Cantonese or a native of Taiwan speaking Min Nan you will quickly recognise a difference. However, both will be using the same written character.


Take the risk out of your Chinese communications

When communicating in spoken Chinese remember your product or service will be negatively impacted if you fail to appreciate the importance of using the accepted regional vernacular.

Put your trust in the experts at Media Group. With many years’ experience recording and producing audio for both local and international markets, they will keep you on the right track. Visit the website today.

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