Commercial Radio

Commercial Radio

100 years and counting

It is hard to believe that listening to the radio and flying on passenger planes have both only been part of everyday life for just over a century.

When those airborne jalopies fell out of the skies over Europe after the Great War who could have imagined booking a flight to outer space for a recreational cruise?    (I could mention man on the moon but the jury is still not 100% sure on that one.)

Or who could have anticipated the now lost challenge listeners faced when tuning into early broadcasts.

Sitting there straining to decipher the inspirational words of a national leader.

Filling in the blanks as the speech cut through the crackle and static on a BBC station or Commercial Radio.

As hard as it was for the travellers and listeners of that age to imagine the facilities we take for granted, it’s equally demanding of our imaginations to picture life without crystal clear stereo radio broadcasts and pressurised jet plane convenience.

Still we do find other complaints to lend a whinge to.


Join the centenarians

Currently we are globally pre-occupied with the fallout from a tenacious pandemic. Strangely it’s also about a century since the last pandemic swept the world.

Coincidence or not, you be the judge, but along with the Covid 19 virus another centenarian getting into celebration mode is the Chinese Communist Party. 

No doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing the parades and festivities on Television and Commercial Radio.

When it comes to pomp and ceremony only the Chinese rival the Catholic Church and the British Royal family for the winner in that category.

Without waiting for any auspicious occasion it won’t take a century to get your radio advertising sorted. In fact right now you could be putting together a complete radio advertising campaign with expert guidance from the people who specialise in business audio, Media Group.


Find your radio voice

With a line-up of professional voice talent that covers every style, you now have the chance to go online and listen to actual sample reads of the male and female voices available through Media Group.

When you decide on the possible voice to represent your company you can request a free demo.

Then move onto selecting music and sound effects from the Media Group library. Working closely online with specialist direction from Media Group, you’ll soon start reaping rewards from a coordinated approach to your advertising.

It’s all happening.

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