Copywriter In Music Industry

Copywriter In Music Industry

A problem with homonyms

When you think of the problems homonyms cause it’s easy to side with those who suggest eradication as a final solution!

Homonyms; each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling.

Drastic as it may seem, total eradication is the ultimate linguistic goal.

Difficulties with homonyms a.k.a. homophones are a more serious issue these days because we live in a world where spoken communications are so common.

It was bad enough in a predominately print dominant 20th century, remember ears can’t see. However now witch ever weighs ewe tern, yule here homonyms in action.

Spreading confusion, perhaps accidentally, but maintaining the homophonic mayhem. It’s a threat to social harmony only total annihilation can rectify.

The typewriter and carbon paper are in section A at the museum. Today audio is a major component in all areas of communication.

Along with the ever-increasing pace of speech, errors in communication are on the rise because audio is now a primary information source.


Pity the poor copywriter

Did you say Copyright? Eh?  Or Copywriter. Which is it? Write or right?

Is it trying to copy somebody’s handwriting? Is that the copywriter?

In the printing industry, “copy” refers to the words or text. So there’s a homonym lurking inside another. Copyright/writer and Copy = words

Are we referring to a Copywriter In Music Industry employment? There’s a place where a lot of Copyright breaches happen, usually in the form of copying. Get the picture?


Puns live

I sympathise with writers worldwide who daily do battle with the scourge of homonyms. I also congratulate those who capitalise on the lighter side of homophonic humour.

Blessed be the “pun makers”, for they shall inherit the front page. At least they’ll always find employment as a Copywriter in Music Industry Advertising and Marketing campaigns. You can never have too many puns.

English isn’t the only language plagued by homonyms. Pity the Chinese. While Mandarin-speaking comedy teams have a field day with pronunciation-based word-play games, the pictorial nature of the language has an impossibly vast vocabulary. 

On the other end of the scale, Hungarian which is closely related to Finnish and Estonian has a relatively small vocabulary. Problems with homophones are prolific.

But look on the bright side. The limited choice of native words provides abundant opportunity for puns, double-entendre and comedic innuendo. 

Anytime you need original, uncopied, organic, copywriting

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