Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Add a video to your company’s marketing mix

How many words is a single picture worth? Some say a thousand. Others estimate ten times a thousand.

When you consider video operates at 25 frames per second, that’s 25 individual pictures each second, then a ten-minute Corporate Video Production would be the equivalent of a whole heap of words.

According to my calculator that is somewhere between 15 million and 1.5 billion words. That’s a heck of a lot of writing. The same number of words would probably end up as a warehouse full of brochures.

Would anyone care to guess the cost of printing all those brochures! In full colour! So before you embark on a gigantic print run maybe you should consider adding a video to your arsenal of marketing paraphernalia.


Your company video could have an audience of thousands

Traditionally the average Corporate Video Production would suffer from very limited exposure. New recruits would see it as part of their induction process and it may get a run to impress prospective clients at a new business pitch. Or it may have been relegated to the backdrop of your Trade/Expo stand.

However, most of its life would be spent gathering dust on a storeroom shelf as a hard copy videotape or filed under miscellaneous in a folder on the computer no one uses anymore. It could well stay hidden until some eager archaeologist unearths its next century.

Not anymore. Today your company’s website is the perfect venue to provide visitors a chance to see the company video or at least a cut-down version edited specifically for the task. 

It could be uploaded to your Facebook page to be liked and shared by hundreds and it may also become a U-tube sensation to be seen by thousands.

You are certainly not going to achieve this sort of exposure from a 24 page, full colour brochure printed on glossy (over-priced) 300 gsm paper stock.


Unleash the power of your company video

Start now. Armed with a smartphone and the editing software on a laptop or tablet one of the young guns in the company (or your cousin Andy) will soon get the pictures organised.

Then ask Media Group to create an exciting audio track with music, sound effects and a professional voice over to give your video that je ne sais quoi you will be proud to exhibit.

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