English Voice Over Artist

English Voice Over Artist

What a difference a voice makes

In any form of communicating what is being said is important, but also how the words are expressed is equally important.  

During the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill united a nation in defiance when his famous radio broadcast promised “We shall fight them on the beaches etc.”

The message that “We shall never surrender” was important, but it was driven straight to the heart of listeners because of his superb skills as an orator and his inimitable delivery style.

Keep this in mind when you are searching for an English Voice Over Artist for your latest project. You might be creating a campaign for Radio, Television, Cinema or the Internet. Perhaps it’s a Corporate Video or the company’s telephone messages. Your choice of voice is critical. 

The wrong voice can cause a disaster

Just imagine how Sir Winston’s words might sound coming from Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May! By now we would be used to BBC broadcasts in German.

As specialists in business audio, Media Group has developed the most foolproof system for you to audition and select the English Voice Over Artist best suited to your communication projects.

Start now by listening to samples on the Media Group website. You’ll find an incredible range of professional voice talent ready for you to audition just a mouse click or screen tap away.

To streamline your search the voice talent is separated into various classifications covering male and female artists of all ages, delivering various styles and recorded in English and a range of modern languages. 

Assemble a shortlist and request a free quote.

After auditioning the sample recordings of the Voice Artists on the Media Group website click on the button labelled “free online quote”.

You’ll be able to finalise your choice of voice within budget constraints and you will know the availabilities of your preferred voices(s) so you can finalise your production schedule.

The folks at Media Group are ready for action, or to paraphrase Sir Winston, never in the history of voice overs have so few been so ready to aid you in so many ways. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au

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