Female Voice Over Artists

Female Voice Over Artists

Click or tap to the finest female voices    

  • When searching for Female Voice Over Artists, Go to Media Group’s website there’s no need to pass it. 
  • Whatever style or choice you require, Media Group has the voice you desire. 
  • At the click of a mouse or tap on a screen, Audition more voices than you’ve ever seen. 
  • Hear samples of every possible read Television, radio or internet feed
  • Cinema, videos, phone messages, more From Corporate to Hard Sell, you’ll find her for sure.

Enjoy working with the pros.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have loaded their website with samples from professional voice talent including a huge variety of recordings from some of the best Female Voice Over Artists.

This provides the convenience of doing your voice talent auditions online from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Simply marvelous.

After listening to the samples and making up a short list of preferred voices you can arrange a free quote online and check the talent’s availability. There’s no stuffing around so you’ll save heaps of time. Plus you’ll be able to see how the budget is going and tick another item off the production list.

No mucking about

If after listening to the sample recordings of your preferred female voice talent but you are not 100% sure of your decision, no problem. You can request Media Group arrange a free demo recording using the actual script you intend to produce.

Simply email a copy of the script, and provided you intend to record at least 60 seconds of voice in total, Media Group will have your chosen voice artist record a short extract from the script. You will then receive a link to go online and replay the free demo.

Finding that elusive female voice no longer ranks alongside the search for El Dorado or any of the seven mythical golden cities. The prize awaits at the Media Group website. Go to it.

Begin auditioning the finest female voice over artists at www.mediagroup.com.au  

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