How to improve your TV's sound: budget and premium options for better audio

How to improve your TV's sound: budget and premium options for better audio

The producer is out to lunch  

Whenever you are putting together a television production it’s easy to get so enthralled by the vision component you can overlook the importance of the Television Audio.

This is what happens when you get too close to a project. Your objectivity goes out the window and so unfortunately does any chance of the audio getting a fair go. By its nature the cost of creating the vision will always consume most of a television production budget. But that’s no excuse for scrimping on quality sound.

Let’s face it, the fastest way to undermine the credibility of a TV commercial is to marry the vision with a second rate audio track.


Viewers notice what they see and hear

The television viewer will instantly notice the audio quality or lack thereof. Most of the time any comments will centre on the eternal question of why the ads are so much louder than the program.

The viewer will also be particularly critical of the voice and music components used in a production. When using a presenter speaking directly to camera the viewer will make allowances for any minor faults in the delivery.

However when the presenter is not seen and the audio relies heavily on a voice over then it’s vital you choose a professional male of female talent with the tone and quality of voice that perfectly complements the picture.


Say it and hum along with the vision

Choosing the right voice is a critical step in developing a great audio track. If the voice lacks aural appeal or feels strained it will reduce the impact and memorability of any TV production.

Media Group, the business audio specialists have a vast range of professional voice artists available. When you’re online you will be able to audition real samples of their previous work. Then you can make an informed decision and pick the ideal voice.

There’s also the music to consider. If you have an established jingle or a piece of Signature Music you have no problems. But if you need to find the right piece of music without paying a fortune then you should select a piece of Royalty Free Music.

Media Group’s extensive catalogues of music tracks represent all popular genres.  You can listen to tracks online and decide the right piece for your next production.

Make all your TV jobs come together better than ever.

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