How To Make A Corporate Video

How To Make A Corporate Video

Cooking up a video for the uninitiated  

Even though you are not remotely related to Ron Howard or Sir David Attenborough, you ought to know How To Make A Corporate Video.

It’s all common sense when you think about it. Take two ingredients, sound and pictures and blend them according to the recipe; oops I mean script.


Start at the beginning

Video production is like the chicken versus egg debate. The script is always the egg.  

In Hollywood even after they purchase a story or the rights to a novel, someone still has to write the screenplay. Simply put, without a script there will be no chicken. This is the first step in How To Make A Corporate Video

Let’s say your script will tell the story of your company, its products, and services. An easy way to begin is to imagine you are writing a letter to Mum!

“Dear Mum, this letter is about our company “Unique Breads”. We started back in 1915 making waterproof sandwiches as part of the war effort. The product range grew. We added square sided buns and triangle rolls for the Navy. They were designed to stay on the mess tables even in rough seas.”…..etc. etc.


See the pictures as you read the script  

As you read your letter you can refine it into the script. Meanwhile, images will come to mind that relate to your words.

Old photos of the factory and staff members. Sepia shots of soldiers eating in the trenches. Rolling waves and sailors sliding on slippery decks.

As you write about modern times you can travel around the factory and record the current images on your camera or phone.

When you have a finished script you will need a professional voice artist to read it. Go to the Media Group website, choose a voice artist and forward the script to get a   free quote. Next, have Media Group record the voice and send it to you online.


Edit the images to correspond to your script

Transfer all the images to your PC or laptop and then assemble them to synchronise with the recorded voice over track.

You can send the edited footage back to Media Group and have them mix-in some Royalty Free music and sound effects to really enhance the impact of the audio.

The result will look and sound like a thoroughly first-rate production. A job even Sir David would be proud to claim.

Head to Media Group the business audio specialists;

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