International Women's Day

International Women's Day


International Women’s Day – A Voice for Girls.

The eternal battle for equality may be far from won, but congratulations ladies, women are now showing the world how things should be done.

Elected as leaders of nations like India, Germany, Britain, Australia and New Zealand; Federal and State Ministers, Senators and Governors. Heading up The International Monetary Fund; Directors of leading banks and major industrial conglomerates. 

There is another area of increased female participation where women’s voices are being heard. Enter the Female Voice Over artists.

These days, every time you turn on the TV or tune into your favourite radio station you are more likely to hear the dulcet tones of a female voice rather than a traditional mumbling, stumbling, wheezy-breathed old bloke.

What was once almost an exclusive domain of men, is now graced by women of all ages performing every sort of voice over imaginable. From reading the news and weather to flogging insurance, cars and roof restorations.

At Media Group we work with huge variety of female voice talent located all over Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

Happy International Woman’s Day to all the female voice over artists behind the mic, Media Group thinks YOU ROCK!

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