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Media Company Sydney

Who’s feeding you the news

Whenever the subject of media ownership rears its ugly masthead, Australian politicians and regulators duck for cover.

Media rules our modern world. But ‘twas only a breath or two back when Print was the sole contender for the title of boss.

A little over a hundred years back we welcomed radio to the fold. That was AM radio of course. Broadcast in 100% mono with none of that fancy stereo stuff.

Radio pioneered the way for the next major media player; television.


A battle for your brain

TV sort of snuck-up on the unsuspecting Mr and Mrs Average with their 2.1 kids. Mesmerising audiences from all walks and captivating more and more crowds of supporters. Before long the tele was on air 24 hours a day.

Then the final triumph for free to air TV came with the introduction of colour.

Back then, as a Media Company Sydney based or located interstate, the appeal to own a major portion of all electronic and print media in each market led to ownership battles that continue today.

Amid the financial flurries of takeovers and mergers the fall-out to other companies involved in media was considerable. These were the organisations servicing the media gods.


Social media changes every thing

The impact was felt in the ad agencies and independent media planners and buyers. Along with ancillaries like film and audio production studios. The voice artists, actors, models and their agents, managers assorted hangers-on etc.

Just as the dust was beginning to settle, boom, the internet arrived. The biggest shake-up in our concept of media since Gutenberg cranked up his printing press.

The internet brought an explosion of activity and experimentation. The learning curve on the slopes of social media was steep and hazardous.

It could be argued that Rupert, the Monty Burns look alike media mogul from Adelaide had got the better of the only Media Company Sydney once assumed to be heir to the Australian crown!

Media ownership is not an area where charitable thoughts and good-natured rivalry are readily found. The battle continues.

Fortunately for those servicing the requirements of media, particularly in the field of audio, the specialists at Media Group are providing the right solutions.

Whether it’s supplying the voice to move mountains or creating dynamic radio ads and sensational sound for TV commercials expert help is always just a click away.

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