Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Female Talent 17 has a fair whack of experience under her belt. Established as a writer, broadcaster and manager of commercial radio it’s no wonder she was named in the “Australian” newspaper as “One of the Top 50 women to watch in Australian Media”.

Her time in the media industry has given her a great understanding of how scripts should be read and she nails every recording we give her with absolute ease.

We recently caught up with Female 17 and asked her a few questions about her voiceover career -


How did you become a voice talent?

I started my career as a radio copywriter and was convinced to have a crack at voicing some of my own scripts after I'd been in the job for about 6 months.  


How long have you been a voice talent?

24 years. 


Do you remember the first voiceover you ever got paid to do?

Yes. It was for Barry's Chicken Products.  I played the shop girl: "Welcome to Barry's Chicken Products, can I take your order?" And because it was regional radio in the mid-90s, there was no extra money for extra voices, so I did the announcer tag too! "If you're choosey about your chicken, choose Barry's Chicken Products...."  Worst script ever.   I also wrote it. 


What’s the best voiceover you have ever done?

I dunno that it's the best, but the one I'm most proud of is the batch of voiceovers I did last year for the National Electrical and Communications Association gala award presentations for every state in Australia - so it's like the Logies for sparkies.   It was literally hours of voicing sparky jargon about ISO certified WHS systems, remotely operated PLCs and fifteen hundred KVA Voltage optimisation transformers - all in that over-the-top awards show style. And I did it right off the back of the worst bout of laryngitis in human history.   It was tough going! 


What’s the worst voiceover you have ever done?

Barrys Chicken Products.  


Do you have a favourite commercial on TV at the moment?

This is a bit random, but other ad-loving types will understand when I say I love the "Who Cleans The Cleaner" Finish dishwasher ads. They're just so good.


If you could voice the part for a cartoon character who would you like to be?

Well, I can be easily encouraged to pull out a Lois Griffin when liquored....   


Female Talent 17 is available 9am-5pm weekdays. Contact us to book her now.

Click here to listen to her demo -



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