Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Male Talent 14 has been around the media industry block a few times. As well as pumping out voice overs for Media Group he also delivers a fun and entertaining breakfast show in Mackay.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with this gifted entertainer since the 90’s. He’s always looking on the bright side of life and gives us a good laugh.

Offering a nice deep voice, Male Talent 14 is perfect for all your blokey commercials through to corporate voice overs.

We had a quick catch up with Male Talent 14 and talked about his voice over career 


How did you become a voice talent? 

I've been recording VO's for radio and TV stations since the 90's after starting work at my local radio station. Part of your job was to do an on-air shift and also record commercials when you're off air. 


How long have you been a voice talent? 

I've been recording commercials since the 90's.


Do you remember the first voice over you ever got paid to do?

I remember being asked to record TV commercials in Townsville back in the 90's. I think my first one was for Mike Carney Toyota. 


What’s the best voice over you have ever done?

I remember doing a VO for the Australian Open when I was working in Melbourne and the processing and final finished product was brilliant. Hard to imagine it was still my voice.


What’s the worst voice over you have ever done? 

Can't forget this. in the early 2000's I recorded an ad for a fruit shop in Mt Isa. They wanted to sponsor a major event but in the end it sounded like the 99 cent lettuces were the sponsor, not the business. It was very strange and a terrible commercial.


Do you have a favourite commercial on TV at the moment?

The series of Ford ads has got to be one of the best for a long while. Simple and conversational. 


 If you could voice the part for a cartoon character who would you like to be?

Peter Griffin off Family Guy would be brilliant. I'll start practicing!


Male Talent 14 is available 9am-5pm weekdays. Contact us to book him now.

Click here to listen to his demo -

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