Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Media Group’s Voice Talent of the Week

Male Talent 22 is a guru in the radio world. He lives and breathes for our industry, delivering daily news and articles via his online journal. 

When it comes to voice overs, Male Talent 22 has a loveable Aussie voice. His voice is perfect to read scripts that need a trust worthy sound and often gets selected to play the role of a farmer or a tradie, nailing every read he records! 

We caught up with Male 22 and asked him a few questions - 


How did you become a voice talent?

I got my break in Melbourne at Gold FM.  It gave me the confidence to knock on a few more doors.  Thanks Chris Elliott.


How long have you been a voice talent?

Well you could say since I started in radio at 18 – but back then it was part of your job to knock over a dozen ads in a day.  But as a voice talent that voices for a variety of stations and businesses, I’d say 2003.


Do you remember the first voiceover you ever got paid to do?

No not really.  But one very memorable one was a session at Media Group.  It was a WW2 documentary and lasted a good 3 hours and it was one of the the only times I did a session which ended with a sore throat.  It also didn’t help that there quite a few hard to pronounce places and names! The good news – it was a very well paid session.


What’s the best voiceover you have ever done?

I think the one that has paid off the most was what I call “the man on the land” ad which was me putting on a natural Aussie farmer’s voice.  It’s often requested and is still on my Media Group's show reel.  Thanks to the creative guys at Gold FM that provided some great direction on that read.


What’s the worst voiceover you have ever done?

None come to mind.  But I can’t say I enjoy ads that are over written (usually at a client’s request) with non-memorable mobile numbers.  And I’m glad we’ve dropped the ‘www' from ads – hated that .


Do you have a favourite commercial on TV at the moment?

Not at moment.  But I still regard John Meillon’s voice over for VB - Victoria Bitter as one of the best. The backing music was also a great ingredient.  Hey, and I don’t even drink beer!


If you could voice the part for a cartoon character who would you like to be?

Maybe Top Cat for those that remember.  But I’d love to do some voice work for one of the Nintendo or Play station video games … that would be a lot of fun.


Male Talent 22 is available to record your next project. Contact us to book him.

Click here to listen to his demo -


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