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The ultimate media buy

I remember my Copy Chief explaining his all-purpose media plan. Arthur Hankin was his name. He was a legend in his own lunch hour.

 Arthur began each day by lighting up a Henri Wintermans’ long Panatella and popping the top off a bottle of sparkling white wine. That is what we call champagne since the Frenchies got all precious about the name

Hank described his plan as a genuine panacea for all ailing advertising campaigns. It did not involve jumping into bed with a Multimedia Company Australia previously assumed was the pathway to market success.



Keep it simple stupid. If ever there was a message for all of life’s endeavours then this surely rates as number one. Go ask Gene Simmons

Like most of Arthur’s ideas, simplicity was at the core. He had previously demonstrated this approach in a campaign for Nestle Quick. There he converted an unappealing glass of milk into a big chocolate milkshake.

At the same time he reinforced the simple message by using a mnemonic device consisting of the “ting ting ting” of the spoon tapping on the glass.

This stroke of genius made a huge dint in Milo’s market dominance. And no        Multimedia Company Australia wide (insert costly) campaign was required.

Given the plethora of alternative media these days I’m pretty sure “The Arthur Hankin Media Plan” would face an uphill battle to convince any ad agency planner to give it a whirl.

There are others who would maintain the power of the approach would still deliver an outstanding result. It’s rudimentary almost agricultural thinking still has relevance in todays overcrowded market place.


Here it is

By now you are probably expecting a detailed description and a complete rationale behind Arthur’s plan. Sorry to disappoint, but simplicity demands that no such over exuberant waffle be allowed to inhibit the campaign structure.

The full detailed plan is as follows. “If you have an advertising budget spend it on Television. If you have any money left over, spend it on Television”.

Right now the amount of feather ruffling going on tells me that not all the advertising experts are in agreement. Ha Ha! How unusual? Let’s face it if you put five advertising experts in a room and asked for their opinion you could start WW3.

When you are about to embark on any promotional program keep it ultra-simple and make sure you get Media Group the business audio specialists to help prepare the necessary components.


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