On Hold Message Demos

On Hold Message Demos

Time to get your On Hold up and running

At busy times and your phone is ringing what happens to the call? Does it disappear into the ether of lost opportunity? Or does your lost opportunity become a new business for a competitor?

Either way, you lose. Time to rectify the situation with a professionally produced program of On Hold messages. A program of informative and entertaining messages that will help keep callers on the line until a member of staff can attend to the call.

So how will know what style of the message will work best for your company? You probably can’t describe exactly what you have in mind, but you can be sure that you will know it when you hear it.

Now some good news to get you started

Media Group, the business audio specialists, supply On Hold Message Demos. Better still, Media Group will prepare your On Hold Demo recording free of charge.

While it might sound too good to be true, you can be sure you will receive a demonstration recording that has been written and recorded specially for you. You’ll find all the details online at the Media Group Website.

On the home page select the icon for “Phone Messages” then click on the button labelled “Free On Line Demo”. Follow the prompts to supply your business name and contact details and leave the rest to Media Group.


What you hear is what you get

The big advantage of On Hold Message Demo’s from Media Group is that you get to experience the true quality and high production values you can expect with all your telephone messages.

Media Group writers and producers are experienced in creating exceptional quality recordings. The messages are all voiced by professional male and female voice over artists and all recordings are assembled in the Media Group digital studios located on the Australian Gold Coast.


Time for action

Don’t be left in the lurch of missing new business opportunities simply because you don’t have a program of On Hold Messages to help prevent callers hanging up and going elsewhere.

Start now by contacting Media Group and arranging a “Free On Line Demo”. Be sure you are getting the style and quality of telephone messages that best project the image you desire for your business. Head to www.mediagroup.com.au

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