On Hold Messaging Service

On Hold Messaging Service

Does your telephone on hold program do the job?

Broadly speaking telephone on hold programs fall into three categories. The good, the deathly silent and the torturous.

We’ve all experienced the “silent treatment”. That’s when your call is answered and the mystery begins. You’re left dangling at the end of the line and all you hear is a whole lot of nothingness.

You wonder “do they want my business or have I been cut off”? The only indication you are still connected is the occasional crackle on the line.

Then sometimes you wind up on hold with the torture treatment. Here you’ll be subject to endless loops of computer-generated tones masquerading as music. Or worse you’ll suffer the dreaded chimes! (Insert; Screams. Gnashing of teeth and footsteps rushing to the exit).


Be sure your telephone on hold rates in the good category.

Start by asking Media Group to advise you on getting a good On Hold Messaging Service. They are business audio experts and will give you the results you need. For starters, they will write, produce and record a program designed to help reduce the number of callers who might hang up and call a competitor.

With a good on hold program working on your phone system, you have the opportunity to promote your business and reinforce your desired brand image.

You can entertain callers with information about your products and services using a few well worded, professionally voiced messages.   

In between these short messages you can maintain callers’ interest by playing some quality music tracks selected from Media Group’s extensive Royalty Free Music library.


Don’t hold back on improving your telephone on hold.

Visit the Media Group website and experience what the experts can do for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how little it will cost to you to have an On Hold Messaging Service that has been specially created for you.

Media Group will even write and record a FREE DEMO on hold program just for you. That way you’ll be able to judge for yourself just how impressive your on hold can sound.

This is not an off-the-shelf sample. You will receive a custom-made demo. It will feature a music track mixed with a professionally voiced message written and recorded at Media Group’s state of the art digital audio studios. Make a good move today. Go to www.mediagroup.com.au   

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