On Hold Phone Music

On Hold Phone Music

Holding callers on the line

One of the best ways to keep callers from hanging up when they have been placed on hold is to entertain and inform them.

The information side of this formula can come from the company’s products and services. Whether the call is from an existing client or a new customer they have an interest in what your company is doing.

So if you have an event planned to let them know. It might be a new product release, a mid-season sale or a change of trading hours.

The entertainment can be in the selection of your On Hold Phone Music. Don’t be trapped into using those computer generated chimes that come built into the phone system. Talk to people at Media Group about Royalty Free Music.


Let the music flow

Today’s copyright laws mean you can’t simply plug in aniPod, CD player or radio to function as your On Hold Phone Music. You need a license to have commercial music playing at any place of business.

Collection agencies like APRA and PPCM are authorised to collect the annual, and ever-increasing licence fees, on behalf of the copyright owners and publishers. Get caught without the correct and current licence and you’re in big trouble bubba!  


How to side-step any licence hassles

Media Group, the business audio specialists have a most extensive catalog of Royalty Free Music. These tracks are designed to be incorporated into telephone On Hold programs as well as advertising material and In-Store music systems.

The music styles covered include all popular genres from pop to country, from jazz to rock.

Talk to Media Group about the best Telephone On Hold program for your business. Together you and the experts from Media Group will be able to create the program incorporating short messages and a playlist of Royalty Free Music designed to appeal to your customer profile.


Keeping them happy to be on hold

The whole purpose of your on hold program is to reduce the number of callers who may otherwise have hung up and called your competitor.

Media Group has a team of experienced copywriters who will draft a series of messages for you to approve. You’ll get to choose the style of music that will be used in production. Plus you can update the program on line to keep everything current. Get things underway now at www.mediagroup.com.au

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