Phone Message Services

Phone Message Services

Get the company message on track.

We all know first impressions count. Not just in romance but this cliché is especially true in business.

So why do some firms continue to risk projecting the wrong impression by using poor quality DIY recordings on their telephones?

It’s one of those illogical mysteries born out of misguided frugality and plain old fashioned penny-pinching. The practice is even more baffling these days with the changes to business operations brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However there is a convenient, online and cost effective solution to the problem. You simply need to use the professional Phone Message Services provided by Media Group, the business audio specialists.


It’s not rocket science.

If you make a call and all you hear is an amateur voice telling you to “wait in line” you won’t be favourably impressed. In fact you’ll probably feel like hanging-up and calling a competitor.

This DIY approach is heard in businesses of all sizes. However it seems most prevalent in the medical profession. For some reason Doctors seem to be happy projecting an image of “near enough is good enough”.

Beyond the initial contact of the Welcome Message a business also has to consider the other areas where Phone Message Services will be most valuable.

After Hours Messages are an ideal way to demonstrate to callers that you really do care for their business. Properly worded, well recorded announcements spoken by a professional male of female voice over artist will leave the best impression.

You’ll be able to communicate your normal hours of operation. Plus your phone system may allow you to record a message and offer to return the call.


Keep the caller satisfied

If your caller is invited to stay “on hold”, you can have Media Group prepare an informative and entertaining program of music and messages. This will help reduce the number of those tempted to hang-up and call one of your rivals.

The outlay for a fully professional on hold program is insignificant in the big picture of retaining existing customers and favourably impressing new callers.

To find out how easily and economically your business can benefit from projecting the right image in your telephone messages, start the discussion here at

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