Phone Welcome Message

Phone Welcome Message

Is your business phone sending the right message?

When the telephone rings and everybody is busy or on another line what happens to your caller? Do they hear the phone keep on ringing…ringing…ringing?

Or does your phone switch over to those disgusting “chimes” or worse still that inane computer generated tones that only geeks call music?

If you listen hard you can hear the footsteps of that caller running away. Probably running off to call your competitors.

There is a simple, cost-effective solution. The answer is a well-structured on hold a program of music and messages. A program that begins with a professionally voiced Phone Welcome Message.


Maximise the potential of your telephone system

You probably forked over a fistful of dollars to get the right telephone system for the business. Some of the latest VOIP phones do everything but bake a decent cake.

Yet you may still be missing calls and having other callers hang up when they get put on-hold and tolerate the built-in program of chimes or computer tones.

Get real. Call Media Group to get proper on hold program. One that will reduce the number of callers hanging up. A program that will let callers know you care for them and you are interested in providing a better level of customer service than any of your competitors.


Good telephone on hold programs return big dividends

Whether a caller is an existing customer or a new prospect you want to always exceed their expectations. The Phone Welcome Message is a great way to start.

Then for those times when you need to place a caller on hold, you want them to be impressed by the quality and content of your on hold program.

Media Group, the business audio specialists will create your on hold program to inform and entertain. A team of expert copywriters will work with you to craft succinct messages about your products and services.

Under the supervision of experienced Producers, the messages will be recorded by professional voice over artists and blended with quality music tracks from the Media Group library of Royalty Free Music.


Check the quality with a tailor-made free on hold message

Be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost of a Media Group telephone on hold program. To see how professional your phone messages will sound and to receive a free on hold message written and recorded especially for you go to      

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