Podcast Audio Intro

Podcast Audio Intro

Starting your Podcast

Let’s begin with a dose of honesty. There are too many Podcasts with clunky introductions. You’ve no doubt heard a few shockers.

That’s where the voice in a Podcast Audio Intro sounds like it was recorded in a kerosene can. The music is all wrong and all over the place.

At one time the music is too loud and annoying. Then too soft and distracting. Or badly mixed and cutting into the voice over and abruptly disappearing etc.

Just for the moment forget about what’s happening to the visuals and concentrate on the Podcast Audio Intro.


One step at a time

When you are fully committed to establishing a Podcast it’s very easy to lose your objectivity. Being so close to the subject you fail to see the wood for the trees.

As the deadline approaches for your first Podcast it’s easy to get distracted. Remember the old adage; when you are up to your backside in alligators it’s hard to remember you’re initial aim was to drain the swamp.

The first thing you need to do is write a script for the introduction. The script is like a roadmap. It will help you get organised and save production time.


Do it with a smile

If you intend to be the one reading the script, make sure you practice. Remember the audience will forgive the amateur quality of your voice as long as you are on camera.

During the Podcast when you are talking directly to the camera be confident and don’t forget to smile.

The best solution is to pay a few dollars to have a trained professional voice over artist record the opening lines. This will add real polish to your production.


Go the whole hog

Your Podcast should include music. When mixed properly with a professional voice your Podcast will stand out from the also-rans.

You can go online to Media Group to choose both your music and the voice for the intro. You can also script an “outro” and have the voice over record that as well.

You can audition the male and female voices available by listening to samples of their previous work.

The music should be selected from the Royalty Free tracks in the Media Group library. Have a listen online and choose a track that can become your theme.

Find out more and arrange a quote here www.mediagroup.com.au

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