Ppca Free Music For Group Fitness

Ppca Free Music For Group Fitness

Musos have rights

Somewhere out there in the wide blue yonder someone is looking after the musos.

During these paranoid times of Covid 19, live performance opportunities are rare. Even street buskers are required to mask-up.

However here in the land down under, PPCA is still hard at work safeguarding the rights of Australian musos.

The Ppca mission is to ensure that recording artists and record labels receive a fair return for their music. That means anytime music is being commercially used the owners of the intellectual property will be compensated.

So if you’re working-out don’t go looking for Ppca Free Music For Group Fitness.


No free lunches

People mistakenly believe they can use a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music to have music playing at their place of business. Wrong.

If you refer to Spotify’s own user agreement it states in Article #4 that personal use only is permitted. Their arrangements with the major labels do not cover any commercial use.

Whether it’s a gas station, a bar, restaurant, or fashion outlet it’s not on. Not even at your exercise classes because there is no Ppca Free Music For Group Fitness.


Behind PPCA

In 1969 the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) Limited came into being. It’s a national, non-governmental, and non-profit organization.

In conjunction with The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) the two work to safeguard the rights of Aussie recording artists and record labels to ensure they receive a fair return for their music.


Royalty Free Music

The story is not all gloom, doom, and dollar outlay. Media Group, the business audio specialists produce advertising and in-store music programs featuring tracks chosen from their extensive libraries of Royalty Free music.

Shop owners and office managers can play “DJ” selecting music of a genre that will appeal to their clientele. What do you like? Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Country, more?

See how it all works and get the music working for you here. www.mediagroup.com.au  

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